Surgical Suture Needles

Doğsan needles guarantees the high quality in various surgical implementation. The right choice due to the specifications we provide:

  • 300 series specially treated steel,

  • Special silicone coating,

  • High ductility,

  • High resistance to bending,

  • Easy penetration,

  • Preserves high penetration after numerous passes,

  • Laser drilling,

  • Both inner and outer chamfered,

  • Compatible needle-suture diameters,

  • Also available in 455 and 470 steels.

Round Bodied Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Round bodied needle

The most popular and classic needle type. Used in all soft tissue approximation including cardiovascular surgery.

Inside Cutting Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Inside Cutting Needle

Edges are specially sharpened for an easy and smooth penetration; cutting edge is inside the needle. Used in skin closures and in all applications requiring cutting needles.

Outside Cutting Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Outside Cutting Needle

Edges are specially sharpened for an easy and smooth penetration; cutting edge is outside the needle. Widely used in skin closures and especially in plastic surgery.

KD Needle for Cardiovascular Surgery

Doğsan Suture Needles: KD Needle for Cardiac Surgery

Specially designed for cardiovascular surgery for calcified vessels and tough fibrous tissues. The body is pressed to square shape increase resistance to bending, tip is specially sharpened for superior penetration.

Black Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Black Needle

Used where better visibility and prevention of reflection of the needle is required (e.g. when blood concentration is high). Darkening of the metal is made by surface oxidation technique. Widely used in cardiovascular surgery.

Spatulated Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Spatulated Needle

Both side edges and upper surface are cutting while the body is flattened. Widely used in ophthalmic surgery.

Blunt Point Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Blunt Point Needle

The tip of the needle sharpness of round bodied is reduced. Uses include repair of liver and sensitive friable tissues.

Diamond (cut-taper) Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: Diamond (Tapercut) Needle

For the better penetration and less tissue trauma, tip of the needle is sharpened. Widely used in cardiovascular/thoracic, orthopedic, obstetric/gynecologic surgery and repairs of tendons and fibrous.

PL Cutting Needle

Doğsan Suture Needles: PL Cutting Needle

Special geometry with a slim body for easy penetration and high resistance to bending. Widely used in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and skin closure.

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